BAFTA Cymru Awards

For the upcoming shortlist and nominations for the BAFTA CYMRU awards, please find some details about the production, for your consideration:

Best Feature Film: Risen - The Howard Winstone Story

-   Took 5 years to complete!
-   Completely independently financed
-   Based on an incredible Welsh true story
-   Secured a theatrical release for May 2011
-   The Winstone family couldn't be more proud of the movie
-   Shot entirely in Wales, with a mostly Welsh crew & actors

Best Director: Neil Jones

-   Uses a different style of filming for each fight scene
-   Utilised new technology with the 'glove-cam' for a unique feel
-   Got great performances out of non-actors and professional boxers
-   Had a low budget, yet made the film look much bigger

Best Costume: Dawn Thomas-Mondo, Gemma Bedeau

& Clare Roberts

-   Used only materials that were of the period
-   Used exact replicas of the shorts and gloves from the actual fights
-   Even the fighters gum-shields are the correct colour!
-   The film spans 12 years and the costume design is accurate      throughout

Best Actor: Stuart Brennan as Howard Winstone

-   Trained for 5 years for the role, to a professional standard
-   Actually boxes real world champions in the film, with blows      landing!
-   Spoke continuously in the Welsh accent for 2 years to perfect it
-   Studied tapes of Winstone to achieve a similar vocal intonation

Best Actress: Grainne Joughin as Bennita Winstone

-   Is originally from the Isle of Man, so worked hard on her accent
-   Filmed even when heavily pregnant
-   Stood by the project for 5 years, without complaint
-   Gives a performance that balances Bennita's issues with a sense      of honesty

Best Production Design: Felix Coles, Katrina Thomas

-   A number of the interiors are constructed sets
-   Found authentic pieces from all over the country for set dressing
-   Aged locations to ensure modern fittings were out of sight
-   Ensured household items improve as Howard's career improved


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