Making The Film

In 2005, after a discussion at the Cannes Film Festival, the plan to bring the powerful true story of Howard Winstones' life to the silver screen was hatched.

One year later and a short film of the Howard Winstone story was completed and screening at the Cannes Film Festival, directed by the award winning Neil Jones and starring actor Stuart Brennan as Howard.

By the beginning of the summer in 2006, the feature film was ready to start, with a Hollywood cast attached and more world champion boxers than any other film before it, including Erik Morales, Enzo Maccarinelli, Alan Minter, Steve Robinson, John H. Stracey and many more.

Five long weeks of filming took place during the hot summer of 2006 in around Wales and the UK.

Filming then resumed in September 2008 after a two year long break, during which scenes were edited together, script edits completed and distribution meetings begun. During this period, the Producers also managed to complete another feature film in between their busy schedules that was short-listed for 5 BAFTA's.

The final instalment of this epic project was filmed in April 2010, and the film had it's premiere at the WBC Night Of Champions event in Cardiff on July 29th, 2010.


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